Watch Direct proudly serves as an authorized retailer for more than 40 renowned watch brands.

Watch Direct had been losing ground to competition in a very competitive industry. Glasshouse Digital worked with the team to focus on two key areas: Search rankings and brand perception.

Watch Direct

Website Build

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus Build

Glasshouse successfully executed the migration of the Watch Direct store from BigCommerce to Shopify Plus, accompanied by a comprehensive redesign. The introduction of new sections caters to both the casual shopper looking for a quick overview of features and the dedicated watch enthusiasts seeking detailed specifications.

Watch Direct enjoyed a threefold increase in the number of organic impressions.

The conversion rate and average order value both experienced substantial growth, and when combined with the increase in website traffic, it translated into remarkable revenue gains. This project yielded an unexpected yet highly advantageous outcome. The merchant was granted access to a higher tier of watches from select suppliers, a privilege that demanded a higher standard of website infrastructure.


Faster Site Speed.


Conversion Rate.


Revenue Increase.

“The site has been performing better than I could have imagined. My SEO team believes that the site speed and usability have really helped us with organic traffic as we are now ranking a lot better. Thank you again for your awesome work!”

Alex Tocaj, Managing Director

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