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Digital experiences drive everything we do. Each solution we design is founded with one thing at its core. Our passion for producing experiences that seemlessly balance emotion and technology.

About Glasshouse

At our core, we’re developers, designers, system architects, and problem solvers here to help you navigate your digital & eCommerce opportunities.


Unequivocally passionate, we show you how digital can intertwine with business objectives & enhance your brand.

Who we work with

“.. the most reliable team we have worked with. They have a care factor and are always working with our best interest in mind. Their development skills are outstanding allowing us to have a very complex yet reliable website..” – Thomas Pichler, Managing Director @ Sylvia P

Website Design & Development

There’s no one size fits all. That’s exactly why we offer a variety of platform solutions including Shopify, BigCommerce & Magento. This diversity allows us to tailor recommendations based exclusively on your business needs.


With our expertise, we can design, build and support a beautiful, engaging eCommerce site that converts. No drama, no fuss, and no stress on you.

3D modelling & Customisable products

At Glasshouse we want to place you ahead of the curve. Our recipe? Innovation paired with a drive for enhancing customer experience.


Our 3D artists create high-definition, interactive viewing of your products. Give your customers the ability to customise designs, add engraving or visualise product bundles.The online world is more accessible than ever. With the number of eCommerce stores growing exponentially how can you ensure your website stands out amongst the rest?

Device Frame

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