Fujifilm House of Photography is an interactive hub for photography professionals & enthusiasts.

Fujifilm were looking for a partner to create an online experience to reflect their newly opened experience hub, House of Photography. Sellers of cameras, lenses & accessories, they needed a technology stack to give customers a unified brand experience at every touch point.


System Architecture
Website Build
3D Animations & Content Creation
UI Design
UX Design

Shopify Plus
Shopify Point of Sale
Hero Virtual Shopping

Glasshouse was chosen as the trusted consultant to shape system architecture and craft a visionary strategy for delivering exceptional omnichannel and e-commerce customer experiences. Our build proudly incorporates the cutting-edge features offered by Shopify Plus, along with advanced filters designed to expertly segment products. In a unique approach, we harness user inputs to showcase subject-specific imagery from Fujifilm Ambassadors.

With industry-leading design and 3D animations, the online experience is aimed to inspire.

As customers explore the range, we seamlessly present them with relevant and compatible products, ensuring their shopping journey is effortless and rewarding. Whether users are in search of the perfect camera, or need to compare detailed tech specifications, our intuitive quiz and compare tool make finding the right equipment a breeze. We have continued to support the business's growth, new product launches and technical roadmap.


3D Product Animations. State of the art 3D modelling & animations to create a unique and engaging experience.


Compare Tools. Seamless customer recommendations of compatible products.


Custom Quiz. Navigate through questions and find the camera that is right for your needs.

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